An Overviewabout Mastectomy

Breast Cancer

As a woman, we always wanted to be at our best look.Undergoing a mastectomy is really a rough situation to be in where huge decision is to be done – a decision that could change your life forever. Losing a breast is like losing a part of your inner self, it takes away a lot of things from you – your confidence, your “asset” and a part of your womanhood.

Over the years, the number breast cancer victims continue to arise.According to a research, women in their early 30’s and up are more likely to acquire this type of cancer due to various reasons. Many organizations had been battling against breast cancer through breast cancer awareness programs which participants are composedof women all over the world including breast cancer survivors who wanted to stop this disease.

The moment a woman knew she had a breast cancer, first thing that she might feel would be fear – fear of death, fear of leaving her family behind and even fear to struggle to live normally because everything will never be normal again.

What Is Breast Cancer?

Cancer which developed from breast cells lead to breast cancer. This happens when breast cells multiply uncontrollably and mass produce cells higher than the normal number or amount of cells there should be.Statistics shows that breast cancer rates are much higher in developed countries than those are not.  According to experts, this is due to hormonal imbalance, different lifestyles&eating habits among women from rich and poor countries.Cancer can lead to some serious complications if not given proper medical attention. Breast cancer patients in earlier stage opt for various preventive medications to keep cancer cells isolated and removed as early as possible. One of these is undergoing a mastectomy.

What is Mastectomy?

Mastectomy is a type of surgery performed to remove breast cancer cells and prevent them from spreading to other parts of the body by removing the area affected by cancer – which is the breast. Undergoing a mastectomy can be a huge challenge to the patient as well as to the patient’s family – financial, emotional & psychological type of challenge.Yet clinging to that hint of survival, it gives a ray of hope to patients that urge them to opt for mastectomy.

There are a lot of preparations to be done before undergoing a mastectomy:

  • Financial Preparation. First is the preparation of fund to be used for the surgery.As we all know, the procedure may cost huge amount money as well as the continuous medications and cancer treatments.It is important to allot enough amounts for the said operation, think of the future possible expenses.
  • Psychological Preparation. It is also a must to condition the patient before undergoing the process. Keeping a positive environment will help the patient to look forward for the positive result of the surgery. Setting the patient’s mind to be optimistic will help her avoid stress and nervousness before the surgery and will enable her to fight post-emotional effects such as depression and insecurities.
  • Physical Preparation. Preparing the patient’s body for the surgery must be given attention as well. Keeping the patient active and ensuring what she eats are healthy will be a good help.

After a patient undergone a mastectomy, there are a few things that would be challenging for her. One of those is dressing after the surgery, coping up with physical insecurities, etc. Most patients who had undergone mastectomy had the same problems. Good thing there are a lot of apparels designed specifically for women who had mastectomy to cater their clothing needs. Now this won’t be a challenge anymore!

Undergoing mastectomy is a thing that should never be ashamed of. Having a single breast is a sign of bravery – bravery of taking risk to live, bravery of fighting against cancer, a bravery to survive.


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